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Some of you may know there is a vote coming up regarding SPLOST. As your PTA we feel it is important to keep you to date on things that will impact our school, students,and families. Below is some information, please read. Please also attend our special PTA meeting Thursday, February 16th at 6:30 to learn more and see our students showcase their many talents with and in Technology.


What is SPLOST? Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax: The voters of Georgia approved a constitutional amendment in November 1996, allowing Local Boards of Education the option of calling for a referendum to ask their voters to approve a SPLOST. SPLOST shifts the tax burden away from homeowners and onto consumers. This means that non-residents who enter the county for work, play, or travel could provide as much as 30% of the revenue for the county.


What is SPLOST $$ spent on? If the voters approve the referendum, the SPLOST revenues may be used for the following: Specific capital improvement projects for educational purposes, Retire General Obligation Bond debt previously incurred with respect only to capital outlay projects and/or, Issue new General Obligation Bond for specific capital outlay projects to be paid with SPLOST.


What is the SPLOST rate and length? The rate is 1 (one) percent. The tax shall not be subject to any sales tax exemption such as food and beverage exemptions. The length shall be imposed for a period of time not to exceed five years.


When is the vote and what is the impact? The Cobb and Marietta school districts will ask voters on March 21, 2017 to approve the latest SPLOST cycle. If authorized, it is projected to collect an estimated $62.5 million for Marietta and $797 million for Cobb.


Where can I learn more about SPLOST? The Ed-SPLOST V Notebook outlines the proposed receipts and expenditures associated with the approved Resolution.

Questions : please contact or Kelly Jordan PTA copresident